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Secretlab Worlds Edition Gaming Chair

Secretlab Worlds Edition Gaming Chair

The time is almost here, yes the number 1 tournament in the world, the League of Legends World Championship. And Secretlab is making sure the worlds best are in the best gaming seats, once again, with Secretlab’s Worlds Edition.

This year’s edition of the Secretlab Worlds Edition combines features of the 2020 Series as well as Worlds 2020’s bold visuals. Available for true fans who want to experience the same comfort and support as the beloved pro players fighting for the Summoner’s Cup.

The Secretlab Worlds 2020 Edition will be available in both the OMEGA and TITAN variants.

Secretlab has had an incredible year so far in 2020 introducing the Secretlab SoftWeave BLACK3, the League of Legends Champions Collection, The Joker Edition and the hugely popular Cyberpunk 2077 Edition, which sold out almost instantly.

For more on Secretlab, check out our previous coverage.

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