Skater xl in easy day high school map
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Skater XL In Easy Day High School Map

He was a skater boy she said, “see you later, boy”

The skateboarding genre is about to kickflip it’s way back down everyone’s halfpipe very soon with first the Tony Hawk remaster and now Skater XL is about to set everyone’s boards alight when they launch. To help get everyone in the mood a little bit more Skater XL revealed an all new map with the game’s launch next month, check out Easy Day High School below.

The new map features more than 20 locations from actual skate spots and added into the design of the Easy Day High School map. They have promised countless fun and more creative possibilities than you can think of! It has been far to long before a decent skating game has been released and this so far is looking the goods.

Skater XL will launch on July 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
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