'skyrim grandma' will be immortalized as a npc in the upcoming the elder scrolls iv
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‘Skyrim Grandma’ will be immortalized as a NPC in the upcoming The Elder Scrolls IV

Let’s be honest, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was one the greatest games, ever. We all lost countless hours days within the Skyrim universe, but there’s one person that has received perhaps the most privileged honor a gamer can have- being included as an NPC in a sequel, in this case The Elder Scrolls VI. Now Shirley Curry isn’t a household name like shroud or Ninja. In fact, I bet you’re about to Google her, so I’ll save you the trouble. Shirley Curry is not your typical streaming gamer. She is best known as ‘Skyrim Grandma’, an 82-year-old grandmother who “who loves to play, and now record, games!” and has streamed countless hours of Skyrim and built a dedicated fan base and following that you and I can only dream of.

This all came about when a petition to ‘Immortalize Shirley Curry as an NPC, unique weapon, or location in The Elder Scrolls VI’ was created and so far, nearly 50,000 people have signed it. Clearly Bethesda took notice and didn’t take long to invite Shirley down to their studio to begin work. Since then, both Bethesda and Shirley have confirmed that the Skyrim Grandma will be a NPC in the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI game.

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Shirley still currently uploads her streams, her latest upload was less than 24 hours ago from this post. So go check out some of her work on her YouTube channel here.

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