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Skyrim player completes game using only a torch

Have you ever heard the myth of a man to complete Skyrim with just a torch? Can anyone be stupid enough to pull it off? Can it even be done? Apparently yes, yes it can.

Every week YouTuber Mitten Squad finds unusual ways to complete various games, this week it was Skyrim’s turn. How does he do it you may ask? Well, the 20 min video below reveals Mitten’s technique and it’s actually easier than it sounds.

Don’t have 20 minutes to spare? Let me summarize it for you. Mitten Squad begins the game no different from anyone in jail.

He then proceeds to find a torch and begins the slow grind of building up his block skill, which gives more torch damage. This playstyle really shines once he reaches level 50 and applies the “Deadly Bash Perk”, which in turn makes his attacks deal 5 times more damage.

From here it’s pretty simple, find enemies and bash their face’s in with the torch… Dragons too… smash them all! Not that hard actually after all, but certainly time consuming. Anyways, kudos to you Mitten Squad.

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