Sonic the hedgehog shows off new design with latest movie trailer
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Sonic the Hedgehog shows off new design with latest movie trailer

It’s not often the internet wins, but in this case, everyone wins. Earlier this year the first trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie was released to a host of negative feedback — it was terrible. Sonic looked like a small boy, rather than his 16-bit glory days. Days later, movie director Jeff Fowler announced that “changes” were planned for Sonic and finally the time has come, let’s check out the new Sonic!

Sonic is back, baby! Not only does Sonic look great, we also got an official release date- February 14. It’s amazing how much Sonic’s redesign makes this movie more appealing. Actually, it could be Jim Carey’s ‘unqiue‘ dancing style!

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