Sony playstation controller- is it an x or a cross?
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Sony PlayStation controller- is it an X or a Cross?

Ever since the original Sony PlayStation was first released back in 1995 (1994 if you were in Japan), I’ve called the Cross X button X. I’ve never thought twice about it, until now…

24 years of calling the Cross button X. I must also admit, I also call the Circle button O. I feel betrayed, like I’ve been living a lie. What’s next? Santa Claus isn’t real? The Easter Bunny doesn’t exist? Or it actually is butter?

Sony playstation controller- is it an x or a cross?

Sure, it does seem a little odd that Sony would design 2 3 buttons with shapes and then 1 with a letter… BUT, that’s not the point, it’s an X… isn’t it?

What do you call it? Obviously it’s an X and the official PlayStation UK Twitter account has been hacked, but surely there’s some clueless people who call it a Cross?

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