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SteelSeries Launches Nimbus+ Wireless Controller for Apple Products

SteelSeries have announced the upcoming release of their new and improved Nimbus+ wireless gaming controller. As you would expect, the Nimbus+ builds on the already solid foundation of the original SteelSeries Nimbus controller, but with a number of new features including an impressive 50+ hour battery life.

“With its iPhone Mount and an amazing 50 hours of battery life, Nimbus+ is the ideal companion to games on the App Store and Apple Arcade that feature controller support such as Sneaky Sasquatch, Butter Royale and Crossy Road Castle,” said Craig Olson, President of Worldwide Mobile at SteelSeries. “We’ve added many other new features, making Nimbus+ the new global standard in mobile gaming performance.”

SteelSeries Launches Nimbus+ Wireless Controller for Apple Products

Like the original Nimbus, the Nimbus+ is specifically designed for Apple devices that allows mobile gamers to experience the immersion and comfort of console gaming across all their Apple products such asr iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV.

The Nimbus is one of the world’s best-selling mobile gaming controllers on the market, so why change a proven formula? This is why SteelSeries have retained a similar ergonomically-friendly design but with the addition of new clickable joysticks, Hall effect triggers and of course, an improved battery life of over 50 hours. Olsen further explains that “the overall research and development, design, and engineering efforts undertaken by our teams represent our never-ending quest at SteelSeries to create first-party quality controllers worthy of supporting gaming on Apple devices.”.

SteelSeries Launches Nimbus+ Wireless Controller for Apple Products

The Nimbus+ also takes full advantage of MFi features such as controller supported game discovery, optimised button mapping, and near-instant reconnection time.

The SteelSeries Nimbus+ is available now from the Apple Store for $139.95AUD. For more information regarding the Nimbus+ please visit or for more of our SteelSeries coverage, please click here

Written by Shaun Grimley

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