Steelseries release official dota 2 products
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SteelSeries release official Dota 2 products

Love Dota 2? Love SteelSeries? Well thanks to SteelSeries and Valve you can now combine the two! SteelSeries have released two officially licensed Dota 2 products to celebrate The International 2019’s prize pool exceeding $30,000,000. ‘With a long history together, SteelSeries and Valve have created intuitive gear just for Dota fans. The game’s beloved characters come to life on an award-winning gaming mouse and mousepad that integrate with Dota 2 and more

Steelseries release official dota 2 products
Me, want, NOW!

The QcK Prism Cloth Dota 2 Edition is everything you expect from one of the best mouse pads you can buy. The QcK Prism features a 2-zone RGB that allows in-game reactive effects such as your buyback being avaliable or when your health is low. The QcK Prism is famous for iys exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth for and optimized for low and high CPI tracking movements.

Steelseries release official dota 2 products
One of the best gaming mouse you can buy

SteelSeries’ Rival 600 has won multiple ‘Mouse of the Year’ awards, so how do you improve it? Combine Dota 2 elements with it, of course! This Dota 2 edition of the Rival 600 features 8-zone RGB that can be paired up with your Qck Prism to provide in-game reactive effects and Discord notifications. A TrueMove3+ sensor with lift off distance detection features dual sensor system combines true 1 to 1 tracking, while it’s 256 weight and balance configurations ensures this is the perfect mouse for every game and every player.

Steelseries release official dota 2 products
Free TI9 mouse pad? Yes please

You can purchase both the Dota 2 editions of the Rival 600 and QcK Prism here. But wait, there’s more! Purchase both products and SteelSeries will throw in a free limited edition red TI9 mousepad!

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