Steelseries joins forces with spacestation gaming
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SteelSeries Joins Forces With SpaceStation Gaming

SteelSeries has a long and successful history in esports that dates back to a time where esports barely existed. Since then, SteelSeries has helped Na’Vi win the first-ever Dota 2 International tournament back in 2010, Fnatic win the inaugural CS:GO Major in 2013, and most recently, OG winning back to back TI’s in 2018 and 2019. It should then come as no surprise that SteelSeries has partnered up with another big name within esports, the reigning Rainbow Six: Siege World Champions, SpaceStation Gaming.

“With SpaceStation Gaming’s top-tier esports talent, combined with an ability to develop and create engaging content, we’re excited to have them join the SteelSeries team,” said Andrew Trulli, Esports Marketing Manager at SteelSeries.

Since 2017, SpaceStation Gaming has built its reputation of not only a premier esports organisation, but also for creating high-quality content for both gaming and mainstream culture. This has formed a loyal and passionate following that has not only seen SpaceStation Gaming become the reigning Rainbow Six: Siege World Champions, but also constant success in World Rocket League as the current top-ranked team, along with ranked 2 in the Clash Royale League.

“I personally have always been a fan of SteelSeries. Our players have often requested SteelSeries products, so when this partnership came together, it felt completely perfect,” said Shaun McBride, Founder of SpaceStation Gaming. “The collaboration will support our entire staff and optimize all of our teams moving forward.”

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