Street fighter v: arcade edition north america regional finals results
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition North America Regional Finals results

The Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) is on its final stretch as the North America Regional Finals 2019 came to a closure yesterday with both the open tournament (which awarded more than enough CPT points to enter Capcom Cup as it was a Super Permier event on the tour) and the regional finals (which offered a guaranteed spot on Capcom cup regardless of the player’s points on the rankings).

Hong Kong came up on top of the open tournament as Talon HotDog29 took the victory over NuckleDu 3-1 after the latter reset the bracket by the same score. with the amount of points awarded he has gained a spot on Capcom Cup later this year.

However, NuckleDu proved this was his weekend, as he claimed the title of NA champion by defeating REC Punk 3-1 from the Winners side of the bracket. The Season 2 Capcom Cup champion has now secured his spot as one of the 32 players competing at the end of the CPT. NuckleDu has not been able to travel as much this season, so his perfmormance this weekend not only served as a boost of confidence for his gameplay but also reafirms him as a strong contestant for the grand prize.

The results for both tournaments are presented below.

North America Regional finals 2019: Open Tournament

  1. Talon HotDog29 (M. Bison)
  2. NuckleDu (G, Guile, Cammy)
  3. Mousesports Problem-X (M. Bison, Abigail)
  4. Red Bull Hx Bonchan (Sagat, Karin)
  5. REC Punk (Karin)
  6. Sonicboxx 801 Strider (G)(tied for 5th)
  7. Liquid Nemo (Urien)
  8. FAV Sako (Menat) (tied for 7th)

North America Regional finals 2019

  1. NuckleDu (G, Cammy)
  2. REC Punk (Karin, Chun Li, G)
  3. END Shine (Ibuki)
  4. Sonicboxx 801 Strider (G)
  5. iDom (Laura, Poison)
  6. UYU JB (Rashid)(tied for 5th)
  7. Terrence (Chun Li)
  8. ElChakotay (R. Mika) (tied for 7th)
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