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Street Fighter V Champions a new version

After the North America Regional Finals, CAPCOM‘s own Yoshinori Ono and his ever charming companion, Blanka-chan, revelead the next character to be added to the roster, Secret Society’s leader Gill and the next big update for the game: Champion Edition.

From his trailer, Gill shows his elemental mastery of fire and ice, while showcasing an interesting set of combos and attacks that are up to par with his self-claimed godliness. Most of his normal and special moves are related to either one of these elemental traits and he gains his own mechanic: Retribution.
Gill will be available in December, alongside a new stage, Sun Chase Moon (probably after Capcom Cup), but the exact date has yet to be announced.

Other big news is the brand new iteration of the game: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

This update (as with Arcade Edition) will be totally free, but CAPCOM announced the Upgrade Kit will include all the characters (the current 38 + Gill & one character yet to be revealed), all the stages (including Gill’s stage) and costumes (200+ currently available plus Gill’s battle, story, and Pyron costume).
The update also includes the addition of a second V-skill for every character and a balance patch, which will be available alongside Gill’s release on December.

You can pre-order this package now and receive all the content as soon as Champion Edition‘s Upgrade Kit hits on February 14, 2020.

More information on pricing and other updates (Holiday content and Extra Battle costumes) is available at Capcom Unity’s website.

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