Street fighter v champion edition final season character reveal
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Street Fighter V Champion Edition Final Season Character Reveal

Street Fighter V Champion Edition final season character reveal

Cacpcom had some exciting news regarding the fifth and last season for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition earlier this week. The game developers Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto showed during a special summer update what lies ahead for SFV.

The first major content update was the announcement of the first four of the five characters that will become apart of the roster this season. Including three returning characters from previous entries and one guest character making their debut in the Street Fighter series. The new challengers are (in order of appearance in the broadcast): Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama from Capcom‘s Rival Schools.

We got a first glimpse of the master of Saikyo style martial arts, Dan Hibiki, during his reveal, showcasing some of his characteristic taunt moves and his not-so-orthodox fighting style.

Unfortunately, the other three characters, as staded by Nakayama-san are still on desgin phase (given the current pandemic) and that future updates will come for them. You can check the Capcom Unity and Playstation blog for further information on the remaining revelead characters and information on the upcoming collaborations between Capcom and All Elite Wrestling and the announcement of season 3 of Street Fighter League.

The last update given to us by the devs came in the form of the roadmap for season 5 including approximate dates of the release of character, balance and battle system patches.

Street fighter v champion edition final season character reveal
Street fighter v champion edition final season character reveal 1

As you can see in the picture above, season 5 will span from winter 2020 to fall 2021 with the final character yet to be announced.

You can watch the entire Summer Update on the Capcom Fighters channel in Youtube.

Keep an eye out for new information for season 5 of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. For all our previous coverage on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition you can find that here.

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