Street fighter v gets a new patch
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Street Fighter V gets a new patch

Streeit Fighter V: Champion edition got a new update yesterday, as announced by both their twitter page and by the executive producer for the game: Yoshinori Ono.

This patch aims to further improve the game’s netcode, following the previous patch. At glance the algorithm for selecting which players will have 5 bar connections as a more strict requirement, which in turn (as claimed by the developers) will give a much better experience at 5 bar connections. More information and details expanding on this can be found in the netcode patch notes.

Additionally, a balance update also came along with the netcode patch, described in the balance patch notes. Most of the cast for SFVCE received adjustments, leaving only Kage, E. Honda and Poison unchanged.

The update for Season 5.5 is live and players can update their games to test out both the new balance and netcode patches.

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