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Streets Of Rage 4 – 7 Minutes Of Gameplay

If anyone out there is hanging for some old school retro punch ups well you are in luck, because Streets Of Rage 4 is smashing its way closer and closer each day. Now thanks to IGN have uploaded a video with a little over 7 minutes of gameplay, so check it out below.

Back when I was younger these Beat-em-up games were all the rage and well Streets Of Rage was one of the best going around. Whats not to love about these games? All of life’s problems can be solved by punching them in the face… The music in this video is a sweet sound of nostalgia and the visuals complement it by looking amazing. Not long until everyone will get a taste of Streets Of Rage 4 which is coming in 2020 to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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