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Subverse cancels Early Access

Imagine if Mass Effect and Xcom had sex and a lot of it, well that’s the idea behind the upcoming Subverse game after it raised a whopping £1,668,626 on KickStarter. Although bad news for any kinky hardcore fans of Subverse as just recently announced that the game will no longer have an Early Access.

Studio FOW recently stated in a Kickstarter update that “Single-player, story-driven RPGs don’t tend to do early access. Early Access is typically utilized by FPS games, rogue-likes, and MMOs that have gameplay loops and dynamic online components that need to be thoroughly tested.” they went on to add “Subverse is a story-driven game meant to be experienced as a whole, not in the stop/start fashion that is forced by Early Access. Having to wait potentially up to a month for the next chapter to be released will really hurt the momentum of the overall game.” So if you were hanging out for the Early Access I feel sorry for you, I truly do! Backers that backed the Big Bang Theorists however will still get a taste of things to come and will be 1 of 4500 backers who are able to experience the game on September 28th.

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