Sumail and s4 leave evil geniuses, ramzes666 and abed to join?
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SumaiL and s4 leave Evil Geniuses, RAMZES666 and Abed to join?

UPDATE- EG confirm Abed and Ramzes join EG

It would be fair to say that Evil Geniuses have under achieved since Fly and s4 famously left OG for EG. Sure, OG might have won a couple of TI’s, earnt themselves millions of dollars and created history over and over again, but EG have been the foundation of a number of memes with their 3rd place finishes and the famous clifftzy. Ok, it’s not a good comparison, but EG’s stacked roster has definitely failed to deliver results and it’s apparent that major changes are on the cards. And if you believe the latest rumors, then major changes are already happening!

Despite an impressive TI9 tournament, SumaiL has apparently left EG. A huge blow for the NA orginization as SumaiL is one of the best players in the world and was a key factor in their TI5 winning run. The question is where is SumaiL going? Early rumors indicate that he will join up with his brother Yawar to form a NA stack (Yawar, SumaiL, CCnC, MSS, SVG).

Sumail and s4 leave evil geniuses, ramzes666 and abed to join?
The new EG?

Joining SumaiL on the train out of EG is another former TI winner- s4. Since moving to the offlane with OG (and now EG), s4 has been a reliable core with a wealth of experience and knowledge. No word on where s4 will end up, but a player of s4’s calibre will have no issues finding a team in NA or EU.

So, who’s on the plane to EG HQ? Well, after another disappointing TI it looks like RAMEZ666 will take over from s4 and switch to the offlane. Ramzes was even recently spotted playing offlane heroes in pubs. Coincidence? or has the transition already begun?

I’ll miss s4 and his all-round American persona.

Joining Ramzes on the plane (well, a different plane) is Abed. Fnatic have been the focus of a lot of rumors recently, as a rebuild of the team looks be happening. Despite this, there’s been no information regarding Abed’s status… until now! Combine this with CIS rumors about VP disbanding/rebuilding, it could be very likely that both Ramzes and Abed will both be representing Evil Geniuses very shortly.

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