Sumail leaves quincy crew despite qualifying for the summit 11
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SumaiL leaves Quincy Crew despite qualifying for The Summit 11

Despite qualifying for The Summit 11, it appers as if the dream of playing with his brother YawaR is over, at least for now. SumaiL has officially left Quincy Crew as team magner KBBQ confirmed the news and that they’re looking for a new offlaner.

KBBQ was quickly to state that SumaiL wasn’t the problem, but rather “complicated team issues and circumstances” is the reason for his departure. One look at Quincy Crew’s qualifier games and it was obvious they lacked chemistry. As Quincy Crew will be looking for an offlaner, it’s safe to say that YawaR will be moving back to his accustomed carry position.

The future is less clear for SumaiL, but a player of his calibre should have no issues finding a new team. I hear Secret are looking for a mid laner, hello Puppey?

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