Sumail officially joins og at the premiere of true sight
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SumaiL Officially Joins OG At The Premiere Of True Sight

In perhaps the biggest news of year, OG concluded the premiere of True Sight with the surprise announcement that the biggest free agent in Dota has joined OG, I’m of course talking about the king himself, SumaiL!

“The strive for excellence is what always drives us to go further here at OG. And that’s preciselyΒ what a player like Sumail has to offer.” OG confirmed via their website

SumaiL is one of the biggest names in Dota and needs no introduction. SumaiL joined EG at the slender age of 15 with almost instant success, guiding them to their TI5 victory. Since then, SumaiL has asserted his dominance in the mid lane and now looks to continue his transition into the safe lane as OG’s new carry.

OG also confirmed that their full roster will be announced in the coming days, with the rumoured roster of SumaiL, Topson, MidOne, Saksa (who was also present at True Sight), and n0tail looking to be more likely as each day passes.

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