Sumail stack confirmed, organization announcement to follow
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SumaiL stack confirmed, organization announcement to follow

The worst kept secret in Dota had been officially confirmed; SumaiL’s stack is happening. Rumors have been circulating that SumaiL will form a stack with his brother YawaR, CCnC, MSS and SVG ever since TI9 concluded. Former Forward Gamimg/Newbee manager KBBQ confirmed the news via Twitter, so it’s safe to assume he will continue his association with the former FG/Newbee boys and manage the team.

  1. SumaiL
  2. CCnC
  3. Yawar
  4. MSS
  5. SVG

KBBQ also confirmed that the team will announce further news regarding their organization soon. The question is, which org? There isn’t a shortage of org’s looking for a team as Alliance recently departed with theirs, Team Liquid have rumored to have their roster signed (most likely ex-Alliance), Cloud9 are rumored to return to the Dota scene, amd then there’s NA mainstays compLexity gaming and OpTic Gaming. Only time will tell…

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