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Super Mario Maker 2 – Huge Update!

Super Mario Maker 2 Update – Ver. 3.0.0.

Nintendo has just released what it is calling its last major update for Super Mario Maker 2, and its a doozy.

On April 22nd Nintendo released its new World Maker Mode for Super Mario Maker 2 which not only give the player the ability to make amazing over worlds put potentially their own full Mario game.


The update gives you the power to create up to 8 worlds and 40 levels which is a little shy of the original Super Mario Worlds 72 levels its is still a huge deal for the Mario Maker community.

As if that wasn’t enough the update also includes a slew of new power-ups and bosses! Most notable is the Super Mario 2 mushroom which transforms you into Mario from Super Mario 2 giving you all his abilities including being able to pick up and throw enemies.

Finally, the Frog suit makes an appearance, we might actually get some fun water levels now. Super Acorn, Boomerang Flower and Balloon power-ups have also been thrown in for good measure.

While the game hasn’t reached it’s first birthday yet Nintendo are making it fairly clear that this will be the games final update.

If you have any interest in the Mario franchise Super Mario Maker 2 is a must and has been from release, this update will solidify its longevity and help keep the Mario streaming community alive for years to come.

Thanks to Nintendo life for the full patch notes and for more on Super Mario Maker, check out our previous coverage.

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