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Super Mario Maker Brings a Story Mode

Nintendo have finally dished the dirt on a pack load of features coming to Super Mario Maker 2 with a story mode being included. The story mode will be helping rebuild Princess Peach’s castle, by making coins from ‘jobs’ and each ‘job’ will obviously be a different course in which to conquer. Nintendo announced there will be more than 100 levels to play through in story mode.

A multiplayer feature and versus will also be added to the mix up. In Multiplayer Versus, four players playing as either Mario, Toad, Luigi, or Toadette will race each other through the selected level with the player finishing the fastest being awarded the winner. Co-op is being added with the object to work together to clear the course. If one player completes the course then the team wins. There is also a nearby feature along with a bunch of new tools to play around with in the level editor. Super Mario Maker 2 launches for Nintendo Switch on June 28

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Wanking simulator... Yep, you read that right.

Wanking Simulator… Yep, you read that right.

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