Super Mario Party Online Multiplayer Update Available Now!
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Super Mario Party Online Multiplayer Update Available Now!

The time has finally come, and Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch has just received a free multiplayer update.

For a long time, fans have been calling for this update, and Nintendo has delivered in tremendous fashion. After installing a new software update, players who own Super Mario Party and have an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership can now play the game online with friends in a multitude of game modes. Voice chat for the game will also be available by using the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

Using a passcode to join games, you and anyone on your friend list can play Super Mario Party in the following online game modes.

  • Minigames – Nearly all of the minigames found in Super Mario Party are available for online multiplayer with up to four players.
  • Partner Party – Team up with a friend and join forces in this two-player game mode that challenges a duo to grab as many stars as possible while freely moving around the game board.
  • Mario Party – The primary focus of this update, the traditional Mario Party experience, is now available for online play. You can choose from the 20 available characters and numerous gameboards to play with up to 4 people online.
  • In order to make sure as many people as possible can play Super Mario Party, the new update also supports numerous online and local multiplayer configurations. Read below for examples of the many ways you can play Super Mario Party with friends in any location!
  • Two Players – One person per console, each with Super Mario Party.
  • Three Players – Two players on one Switch and one player on another, or three players each with their own console.
  • Four Players – Two Consoles with two players each or four players, each with their own Nintendo Switch.

Playing Super Mario Party Online with friends will require an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. Remember, the Switch family plan is the best deal available for the service and gives eight members full access to Nintendo Switch Online Services for AU$54.95 / NZ$60.45 per year.

For more information on Nintendo Switch Online, click here!

Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi