Symmetra restoration challenge
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Overwatch – Symmetra Short Story Stone by Stone Available

Symmetra Short Story Stone by Stone

This week Overwatch fans can journey alongside Symmetra and Zenyatta in Christie Golden’s new Overwatch short story, “Stone by Stone.” Find understanding and compassion within, and as a result, restore harmony and order to those in need.

NEW SHORT STORY – “Stone by Stone” Synopsis      

When Vishkar Corp. inadvertently destroys a sacred statue of Aurora, the first sentient omnic, the brilliant hard-light architect Satya Vaswani—known also as Symmetra—is sent in to avert a PR disaster. She’s been instructed to give the village whatever it wants—but she doesn’t know what that might be. When she accepts Tekhartha Zenyatta’s invitation to stay at the temple and learn about Aurora and the omnic faith, Symmetra embarks on a journey of understanding, compassion, and acceptance that results in the perfectly imperfect gift to the village, to Zenyatta… and to herself.

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Symmetra restoration challenge

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