Tactical rpg iron danger is out now!
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Tactical RPG Iron Danger is out NOW!

Like Steampunk? Like Nordic mythology? Like tactical RPGs? Well developer Action Squad Studios have just released a game that is perfect for you; Iron Danger.

Iron Danger draws inspiration from these genres whilst combining a unique time manipulation mechanic, one that combines tactical depth of turn-based games with the dynamic action of real-time games. Iron Danger utilises a two-party system, like the original Divinity: Original Sin where you will be challenged by several skilled enemies and highly interactive environments.

When an army of Northlanders invades her village, Iron Danger protagonist Kipuna is mortally wounded, saved only by a mysterious crystal creature that grants her the ability to rewind time. With her new-found powers, Kipuna can manipulate the fourth dimension and turn back time up to five seconds to change the future.

Players can manipulate time, thanks to Iron Danger’s main protagonist Kipuna and her new-found powers that allow her turn back time by 5 seconds, meaning players can completely change the outcome of battle… for better or worse.

Interested? Head over to Steam or GOG and purchase your copy now, Mac and Linux versions are planned to be released at a later date.

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