Team liquid announce new dota 2 roster
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Team Liquid announce new Dota 2 roster

Despite making it the The International 9 grand final, Kuroky and his team decided to part ways with Team Liquid as Kuro has decided to pursue his dream of building his own org. Liquid owner Victor “Nazgul” Goossens understood their decision and had nothing but praise and support for his departing members. Unfortunately, this left Liquid without a Dota 2 team, but not for very long…

Liquid have recently revealed their Dota 2 roster and you’d be forgiven of you thought it looked very familiar. Alliance recently confirmed that they’ve mutually agreed to depart with their roster, around the same time rumors began of Liquid signing up a new roster. Coiendence? Or appears not. The former Alliance roster of Micke, Insania, Boxi, Taiga and Qojqva have been revealed as the new members for Team Liquid, a good move for the team? Time will tell.

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