League of legends' teamfight tactics now live on pbe
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League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics now live on PBE

Can’t wait until June 25 for Teamfight Tactics? Riot Games has a pleasant surprise for all you League of Legend fans, recently announcing that Teamfight Tactics is now live on Public Beta Environment. PBE is primary used as a closed Beta for testing purposes, players can expect the occasional bug (a recent hot-fix has addressed an issue caused by certain Champion combinations) and long queue times as minimal servers are available.

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Riot are clearly rewarding good behavior with this gesture, as players will need to be Honor level 3 or above with no current ban to access PBE. Want to give Teamfight Tactics a try? Players can register for PBE here.

League of legends' teamfight tactics now live on pbe
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Everyone else will unfortunately have to wait until League of Legends 9.13 patch on June 25, where Teamfight Tactics will officially be released.

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