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Pakistan took over this weekend in the latest Master event in the Tekken World Tour held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. GG AwaisHoney took over Kanga‘s Heera 3-1 (from the winners’ side) in the Grand Finals to claim the points with his main, Akuma.

Pakistan keeps showing that they are currently one of the strongest regions in the Tekken scene as three players managed to get into top 8 (the two finalists and the EVO grand champion vSlash‘s Arslan Ash). The results are shown below.

1) GG AwaisHoney (Akuma)
2) Kanga Heera (Steve, Akuma)
3) ROX Chanel (Alisa, Zafina, Eliza)
4) UYU LowHigh (Shaheen, Law)
5) Talon Kkokkoma (Dragunov, Devil Jin, Paul)
5) VS Arslan Ash (Kazumi, Zafina)
7) Illusion CherryBerryMango (Jin, Noctis)
7) Talon Book (Jin)

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Mashes super on wakeup.
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