Tempo storm announce “tempo’s sleepless nights” livestream to raise money for covid-19 relief
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Tempo Storm announce “Tempo’s Sleepless Nights” livestream to raise money for COVID-19 relief

Esports Franchise Tempo Storm are doing everything they can to help out those affected by COVID-19. “Tempo’s Sleepless Nights” is set to livestream on Twich for four days straight, beginning March 27 through to March 30 with all proceeds going to Feeding America and CARE charities.

Over the course of the 96 hour event, a number of broadcast personalities, popular guests, and even a few celebrities will all make an appearance on the channel. Tempo Storm have have kept their cards close to their chest regarding which games, gamers, and personel will be making an appearance during the stream, so be sure to check out Tempo’s Twitch Channel and do your part to help contribute towards a great cause.

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