The baron's call: free update for desperados iii
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The Baron’s Call: Free Update for Desperados III

Desperados III today, has received a free update for all platforms. As well as Mimimi Games introducing the Baron’s Challenge Mission Pack #1, containing four brand new Baron’s Challenges for Flagstone, Mayor Higgins’ Estate, Eagle Falls, and the Casa DeVitt. Each one has a new special challenge for you:

  • Vanishing Act: A certain snake-oil salesman is peddling his wares at the town square of Flagstone. Make him disappear.
  • Untitled Voodoo Mission: Isabelle is about to crash Mayor Higgins’ wedding, and she has brought a LOT of mind control darts.
  • Public Transportation: Two dead men must be carried to the Eagle Falls train station. The guards won’t shoot on sight, but if they see a body…
  • Bird Hunting: Doc is perched on the roof of Casa DeVitt, with plenty of ammo and five targets on his list. The party is still going. Happy hunting.

Additionally, Mimimi Games has worked on performance, bug fixes and enhancements such as  Borderless Fullscreen Mode or Enhanced Renderscale Support. Find the full patch notes here.

For more on Desperados III, check out our previous coverage.

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