Black mesa - xen technical beta is out
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Black Mesa – Xen Technical Beta is Out

Highly acclaimed fan made Half-Life recreation, Black Mesa. Crowbar Collective has released a technical beta for latest chapter Xen. With the aim to collect bugs and feedback on different hardware. The Black Mesa team has “made significant improvements and changes to the Source engine, and we want the game to run as smoothly as possible.”

The technical beta will include the first 3 maps of the Xen chapter, continuing Gordon’s adventure from Lambda Core. The Xen campaign when finished will contain a huge 19 maps.

Black mesa - xen technical beta is out

Black Mesa currently on special over at Steam, is the best way to get playing the technical beta. To access once installed, right click Black Mesa in your game library. Go to Properties Then click the BETAS tab and select public-beta from the drop down list.

Check this forum post for all the details. Happy testing!

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