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The Division 2 – Dark Zones

Lets hope Hackers don’t mess this up like the first division. The game was brilliant until you entered these areas…

The Division 2 is coming on March 15 and launching with two major avenues for multiplayer. The Dark Zones. There are three of these PvE/PvP areas where players can hunt and be hunted by enemies and other players. Each claims its own unique neighborhood of Washington DC, and each has its own stories to tell. The second multiplayer destination is Conflict, where players will face off in fierce organized PvP firefights.

There’s a new way to go Rogue for fun and profit in the Dark Zones, become a thief. Break into a locked chest or steal the entire contents of a DZ drop, and you’ll earn more loot than you normally would. You’ll also be marked Rogue and become vulnerable to attack from your fellow Agents, but your thievery will reveal a hidden signal. Follow it by completing more Rogue actions, and you can eventually unlock a secret entrance to the Thieves’ Den, where you’ll have access to a special vendor with tempting wares. As a bonus, you’ll have your Rogue status cleaned and cleared, so you can resume life as a normal, law-abiding Division Agent.

If you just want to get right into firefights with your fellow Agents, Conflict is the place to do it. This is where you’ll find organized PVP, with three custom made maps and two modes at launch (Skirmish, a team deathmatch and Domination).

We’re going to learn a lot more about The Division 2 before the launch on March 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-order now to guarantee access to the private beta, or register at for a chance to get in.

Heres hoping they nail this one

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