The division 2 episode 1 – dc outskirts: expeditions available now
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Starting now for Year 1 Pass holders (July 30 for all players), Episode 1 – DC Outskirts: Expeditions brings a host of free new adventures that take players outside of Washington, DC.

Two new main missions will take you to Camp White Oak and Manning National Zoo. A new mode, “Expeditions, takes players to Kenly College on an episodic series of missions. A new wing of the college unlocks once a week; complete all three wings to earn valuable loot.”

No DLC is complete with out a new loot and with no exception DC Outskirts: Expeditions gets an new exotic rifle, exotic gloves, and two new weapons (Stoner LMG and Carbine 7) can be found within Episode 1’s content.

Year 1 Pass holders only will gain assess to Classified Assignments that take place in Washington’s Central Aquarium and NSA Site B13.

Major changes to the skill system are also now in affect, check out the State of the Game recap for more details. The Division 2 is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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