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The Division 2. Episode 1 – DC Outskirts: Expeditions will be in our hands very soon, which will expand the world of The Division 2. In this free expansion players will get the chance to explore further, reaching places like Camp White Oak, the Manning National Zoo, and Kenly College. Players will get new missions, more loot, and Expeditions, along with a new experience within the game. With a new, difficulty setting called discovery for the Operation Dark Hours raid after all, this can be overly hectic, so this new setting can take the heat of a bit. Below is a short breakdown of Episode 1 which is launching on July 23 for Year 1 Pass holders, and July 30 for all players.

The division 2: episode 1 – dc outskirts: expeditions coming july 23

The two new main missions titled ‘Camp White Oak’ and ‘Manning National Zoo’ will be added in to give players a new adventure of exploration. Camp White Oak will allow you to hunt the traitorous President Andrew Ellis to justice as you assault a presidential stronghold in the woods. Whilst the Manning National Zoo you will get to hunt down the leader of the Outcasts, Emeline Shaw. Eliminating Emeline will put a halt to the Outcast from regaining any sort of power in the city.


The new expeditions will see Agents receive what appears to be a final broadcast from a military convoy at Kenly College, they form an expedition to find any surviving members in need of rescue. Expeditions are split into three different wings for players to complete.

New Weapons and Gear

  • One exotic weapon: Diamondback Rifle
  • One exotic gear: BTSU Datagloves
  • Two weapons: Stoner LMG and Carbine 7

The Division 2 is kicking goals at the moment and has been romored to release a Netflix show set in the universe. The Division 2 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on The Division 2, check out Ubisoft’s Official site.

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