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The Division 2’s first free episode is heading your way soon

Starting on July 1 The Division 2’s first free episode DC Outskirts: Expeditions will ready for a test run. This is opening up a new area for players to venture into the post-apocalyptic world beyond the DC Capital. The test will start on July 1 and will and follow a timeline in which things will be unlocked as the are built and put to the tests.

Skills are also getting a small overhaul with PTS working with Mods to make them more powerful, so skills like buffering turret damage will jump up to 5 times the strength. It also works with skills cooldowns helping players cooldown by up to 200% faster.

The division 2's first free episode is heading your way soon

Crafting and Exotics are also getting some changes, players will be able to get new weapons and exotic gloves. The Heroic bosses will drop exotic loot, players can buy better loot from Cassie Mendoza and the blueprints will be shared. About time Cassie will have something decent to sell…. This, along with more bugs, tweaks and fixes are all headed our way,

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