The epic games store to have two free games next week
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The Epic Games Store to have TWO free games next week

Epic Games have confirmed that next week they’ll be giving away TWO free games. Yep, that’s right- Moonlighter and This War of Mine will be free on the Epic Games Store beginning July 25. Can’t wait until next week? Well you can pick up the great side-scrolling Limbo at the Epic Game Store right now!

The epic games store to have two free games next week
Limbo now, Moonlight & This War of Mine next week

Why is Epic Games giving away two free games next week? The answer is simple. “This War of Mine is an M-rated title, which may be restricted by Parental Control settings for younger players. Whenever we choose a M-rated or PEGI-18 title as a weekly free game, we will also offer another free game that will be more accessible to players of all ages.” A great gesture by Epic Games, ensuring everyone wins!

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