The international 2019 day two highlights
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The International 2019 Day Two Highlights

Day Two of the group stage will never live up to the hype of day one, but it was still a fun-filled day of Dota action. Secret and VG (despite dropping a game to Infamous) continued their impressive forms, while EG look like they’re playing a meta from 3 years ago. Miss the days action? Well, OG drafted one of the most insane drafts that featured a position IO, NaVi showed that Mega Creeps is no problem, Paparazi showed that Morph+Aghs+Earthshaker is OP and a heap more!

ana IO was definitely worth the popcorn!

NaVi vs Infamous saw NaVi down megas and only had one option, straight up middle!

1% win probability? No worries! Shame this only delayed the inevitable, but it was still a nice team fight from EG.

Yesterday it was Topson styling on MagicaL, today Topson got a taste of this own medicine thanks to SumaiL.

‘Perfect, Perfect’. A perfectly timed Lotus Orb ensured there was no escape for Mircale and his Terrorblade.

‘Perfect, Perfect’. A perfectly timed Lotus Orb ensured there was no escape for Mircale and his Terrorblade.

This clip pretty much sums up EG’s tournament so far- So much potential, but no results…

Paparazi Morphling with Aghs is dangerous, really dangerous- Just ask VP…

pew pew pew! OG picked up a position 1 IO. Why you may ask? Well, this is why…

A 39K networth Naga Siren vs Nyx and Orge Magi, who wins?

‘It’s a trap!’

Fnatic reminding NiP of the results…

If you thought Morph + Aghs + Earthshaker was OP, wait till you see Morph + Aghs + Pudge!

rtz vs VG, 1 v 5? Hold my beer…

The most efficient play s4 has done all tournament- stealing Fade’s Arcane Boots.

Credit- reddit user Anduryondon
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