The international 2019 prize pool surpasses ti8, wrath of the moro’kai releases friday
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The International 2019 prize pool surpasses TI8, Wrath of the Moro’Kai releases Friday

Proving that the Dota community has more money than sense (myself included), The International 2019 prize pool has surpassed last year’s TI8 prize pool of $25,532,177 in just 55 days. This means that this year’s International will be the biggest prize pool in Esports history as we still have another 55 days of crowd funding towards this year’s prize pool. The question is how big will it get? $35,000,000? $40,000,000? Even bigger?

It’s fair to say that Valve are making a nice profit from the crowd funding, as 75% of all sales goes into their pockets. So Valve thought they’d be nice and finally answer our prayers by releasing the Immortal Treasure II and Wrath of the Moro’Kai event this Friday! Along with our 10,0000 Battle Pass points for surpassing TI8 prize pool, yay! As Valve’s way to say sorry, the 2019 Battle Pass will also be extended by 2 weeks following the conclusion of TI9.

The International 2019 prize pool is currently at $25,596,612, want to monitor the progress of TI9’s prize pool? Check out this link and have a look for yourself.

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