Tips for playing predator: hunting ground this weekend
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Tips for playing Predator: Hunting Ground this weekend

If there is only one thing you do this weekend, make sure you check out Predator: Hunting Ground during its trial this weekend. Not only is it free, but if you have been following its development then you will know that it is shaping up to be one of the best multiplayer titles we will see in 2020. Lucky enough the good people at PlayStation Australia want to make sure you have the edge over your opponents this weekend and have put together a list of helpful tips that will ensure you dominate Predator: Hunting Ground.

The best part of this trail weekend is that Predator: Hunting Ground is cross-platform, meaning you can team up, or better yet, own your friends on both PS4 and PC! To read more about the free trail weekend, click here. PC players can head over the the Epic Game Store and download the trial, while PS4 players can visit the PlayStation Store for the download, this all kicks off on March 28, 3:00am AEDT.


If you are the Predator, your mission is clear- take out the Fireteam and collect your trophies. If you are the Fireteam, you will have specific objectives against AI that you will need to accomplish, get that done and escape with your lives to win the match.


Tips for playing predator: hunting ground this weekend
Tips for playing predator: hunting ground this weekend 1

Stay Close Together, but Not Too Close – Staying nearby to help each other out is imperative. If the Predator does manage to attack someone, everyone can be right there to fight the Predator off or hunt them down.

Mud Up Consistently – There is no shortage of muddy areas in the jungle, so mud up consistently to hide your heat signature from the Predator. The Predator can easily miss a mudded up Fireteam member when it uses its thermal vision similar to the films.

Spot and Pay Attention to Spots – If you can’t communicate via chat, you can use the spotting system to let your teammates know what you see.

Roles and Classes – To be effective as a 4-person Fireteam, everyone should know their role and play to their class’ strengths. During the trial, you can choose to play 3 of the 4 classes that will come with the full game: Assault, Support, or Scout.

Keep Moving – Keep things moving. The more you can adjust your position, the more work the Predator has to do to find you. If the mission advances, try not to stay around and wait for nothing.


Tips for playing predator: hunting ground this weekend
Tips for playing predator: hunting ground this weekend 2

Tracking Down Your Prey – The Predator’s most powerful tool for tracking is their vision mode. Using this mode will allow the Predator to see sound disturbances (Gunfire/Explosions) across large distances to zero in on chaos that could potentially be caused by the Fireteam. The Predator can also use Target Isolation, a cooldown-based ability which sends out a pulse of energy that highlights the general area of the Fireteam members in the map.

Pick Your Battles – Not every opportunity is going to work out. If you feel things are getting chaotic, don’t be afraid to retreat so you can heal and recharge your weapons.

Keep the Fireteam Guessing – Use the jungle and trees to your advantage. Mix up your approach styles and angles so the Fireteam never knows where you are coming from next.

Take Your Time – Play the long game.  the Predator you have the advantage of only a singular objective, and that is killing your prey. While the Fireteam is progressing through objectives and waves of enemies, you can be planning attacks and waiting for the right moment to strike.

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