Tnc predator confirm departure of kuku and eyyou
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TNC Predator confirm departure of Kuku and eyyou

UPDATE- TNC Predator confirm former MVP.PHOENIX teammates kpii and March have joined TNC

TNC Predator CEO Eric Redulfin has confirmed that both Kuku and eyyou have departed the org, confirming rumors that the popular SEA offlaner and support are no longer part of TNC Predator.

We recently reported that Kuku looks likely to join GeekFam as their new offlaner, while rumors regarding eyyou’s movements are very quiet. Unfortunately Eric didn’t announce any new additions to their roster, but as I’ve previously reported, we may already know who is/has joined TNC

Replacing Kuku and eyyou appears to be former Mineski offlaner (and all-round Australian legend) kpii. While March who has been serving as Fnatic’s coach has been rumored as TNC’s new support.

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Tnc predator officially add kpii and march to their roster

TNC Predator officially add kpii and March to their roster