Torchlight iii reveal new sharpshooter class
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Torchlight III reveal new Sharpshooter class

Developer Echtra has revealed the fourth class for their upcoming ARPG Torchlight III; The Sharpshooter. This class joins the already announced Dusk Mage, Forge, and Railmaster, and as you can safely assume The Sharpshooter likes to shoot things, along with a hint of magic.

Echtra have gone into detail regarding the class – “Sharpshooters are among the most reliable adventurers, able to use their skills to procure artifacts hidden deep within trap-laden tombs. Sharpshooters gather their own collections, evoking the ‘Finder’s Clause,’ found in most Pursuit Contracts, which allows them to keep a portion of their finds,”

To go into more detail regarding Torchlight’s newest class, click here.

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