Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Set to Launch Tomorrow
Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Nintendo Switch
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Set to Launch Tomorrow

TinyBuild, the publishers behind Hello Neighbour, Pandemic Express and Cluster Truck (among many others) are set to release what looks like their next big hit! co-op, physics-based, parcel delivery game Totally Reliable Delivery Service developed by We’re Five Games is due out soon and the game looks like an absolute riot.

Launching April 1st on PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch and Mobile the game sees you working together with friends to deliver packages… I love games based on such a simple premise. You find yourself in a sandbox environment with controlled noodly chaos ragdoll physics, it’s a snappy platforming game that has you dragged behind vehicles, clutching to jetpacks, hanging out of helicopters and soaring over the world in hang gliders all in an attempt to deliver your precious cargo. En route, you need to avoid the many and varying hazards that will just ruin your day, along with knocking you out cold.

The environment is described as a World of Distractions with stacks of vehicles, toys and from the looks of the gameplay trailer a bumper-car version of Rocket League?!

Its release timing couldn’t be better, with most people across the world in lockdown people are looking to video games to help stave off insanity and a hilarious physics-based co-op game is just what the doctor ordered. I for one can’t wait to help/hinder the team at MEF with their important deliveries.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service will be available on the Epic Game Store for PC and MAC.

Joel Nitschke

Written by Joel Nitschke

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