Totally reliable delivery service - laser barrage starts now!
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Laser Barrage Starts Now!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Laser Barrage

It seems Totally Reliable Delivery Service which is the over the top sandbox puzzle game that sees you play spaghetti armed delivery people fighting against impossible physics is about to be invaded by aliens in the near future as part of their Laser Barrage event.

Players can earn brand new in-game items by surviving the Laser Barrage for as long as they can including:

  • Laser Cart – A unique golf cart skin that can be activated at the garage after winning the Laser Barrage Event.
  • K.O. Helmet – A new power-up cosmetic that allows you to become immune to being knocked out!

The Laser Barrage event will be kicking off a series of events that will be arriving very soon and players will be able to unlock some new cosmetics, new power-ups, new vehicles, a brand new leaderboard system, and so much more.

Check out our review of Totally Reliable Delivery Service or for more on TRDS check out our previous coverage.

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