Valorant’s ‘ultra edition’ skins replace your guns with dragons
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VALORANT’s ‘Ultra Edition’ skins replace your guns with dragons

VALORANT’s ‘Ultra Edition’ skins hurt my wallet!

Skins have never been a big thing for me in games but one look at these new VALORANT ‘Ultra Edition’ skins and I might actually change my mind, although the price tag is a bit high if I’m honest. Riot just announced more skins today that are some of the hottest skins I have ever seen, in fact so hot these skins are breathing fire. The new skins are called Elderflame and they’re the game’s first “Ultra Edition” skins that have basically turned your guns into fire breathing dragons…Amazing!

The bundle includes a bunch of skins for the Operator, Vandal, Frenzy and a few other weapons including your knife, with each weapon appearing to have its own fire breathing, gun reloading dragon and they look awesome.

The Elderflame line will be purchased with VALORANT Points and of course, VALORANT Points will be bought from real currency. However, to get your hands on the Elderflame bundle it is going to set you back just shy of $100, which is ridiculous for skins. At that price you could buy any game you want really, skins look cool but they in no way make you better at a game and paying $100 is just ludicrous!

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