Warface - now available on nintendo switch!
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Warface – Now available on Nintendo Switch!

Warface (jimmy’s nick name when he reached puberty) hit Nintendo Switch today, with Blackwood Games and publisher MY.GAMES announcing the military first-person shooter can now be enjoyed for free on the handheld console.

Warface will be the first military setting FPS available to download for free on the platform and will pack other unique features below: 

  • It’s the first CryEngine-powered title on Nintendo Switch. The game is using a heavily customized version of CryEngine and is running locked in 30FPS/720p in TV mode and 540p in handheld and tabletop modes, providing an optimal balance of image clarity and performance 
  • The development was done by MY.GAMES’ in-house studio Allods Team, known for PS4 and Xbox One versions of Warface and Skyforge
  • Warface on Nintendo Switch supports some platform-specific features like gyro controls for more precise aiming, HD Rumble, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Online multiplayer and voice chat is supported without a need for paid Nintendo Online subscription 
  • All PvE missions will be available at launch, as well as 5 PvP modes (Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Plant the Bomb, Storm, Blitz), 3 Special Operations (The HQ, Cold Peak, Earth Shaker). Players will be unlocking new content and game modes every week     
  • Switch version also includes the latest Warface: Titan update, adding the 5th playable class to the game, the SED

The widely popular tactical first-person shooter has over 80 million registered players and is free to download on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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