Wolcen: lords of mayhem addresses future
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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Addresses Future

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem launch from Early Access hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing as numerous excessive amounts of bugs have plagued the ARPG, which is a shame as Lords of Mayhem has the potential to be quite a good game. Developer Wolcen Studio recently posted about the games future in a blog, stating that “our team has been working on fixing numerous issues players encountered in-game, and we have many more issues to fix”. The blog further elaborates that “the problems we encountered with the servers caused by a large number of new players also forced us to substantially change some aspects of the code to allow a lighter charge on the servers and the database requests. And there is still work to do”.

Wolcen: lords of mayhem addresses future
Wolcen: lords of mayhem addresses future 1

For those too lazy to read the blog, bascially Wolcen Studio explain that their original plan was to focus on Operation: Second Dawn, a league content and new story chapter, but this has since been pushed down the priority list as the developer plans to focus on bug fixing, game stabilization, quality of life, and recruitment during the next four months.

Peaked your interest yet? If so, you can read the rest of the blog here for more information regarding Lords of Mayhem’s future and planned content.

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