Wolfenstein: youngblood - player requested features (patch 1. 0. 5)
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Player Requested Features (Patch 1.0.5)

The people have spoken and the good team behind Wolfenstein: Youngblood have listened. Yes, Patch 1.0.5 will be going live by the end of the week and will introduce an even larger number of player-requested features. If you are into the reading the full patch notes, you can do so here. If not, check a few of the main ones out below.

  • Additional checkpoints
  • Difficulty adjustments across the board, especially in boss fights
  • Addressing the feeling some players have expressed that some enemies feel like “bullet sponges”
  • Adding additional ammo throughout the game
  • An option to toggle enemy health bars on/off (Old school feels)
  • Adding duplicate tutorial laptops to the game to make 100% completion more attainable
  • Fixing an issue that could cause an area to respawn enemies prematurely
  • Increasing the speed of switching between certain weapons, to make it easier to adapt to enemy armor types

Patch 1.0.5 will arrive on PC later this week with Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch the following week. If that’s not enough, we had the pleasure of playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood for our selves, so if you want our thoughts check out our review here.

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