Wolfenstein: youngblood -update 1. 0. 7 released
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood -Update 1.0.7 Released

Wolfenstein: Youngblood released their latest update 1.0.7 today thanks to MachineGames and Armand Studios. The latest update comes packed full of new content including a new Treasure Hunt mission, new maps, new abilities, new enemy types and more Nazi killing than ever before! For a full run down on update 1.0.7 check out the Patch Notes, or let MEF TECH show you some of the main highlights below:

The new mission type, Treasure Maps will see players locate a number of maps scattered around the map in order to unveil the location of a hidden artifact, finding these will grant players a number of rewards. This is an endgame mission with a suggested player level of 40, so expect a challenge!

Wolfenstein: youngblood -update 1. 0. 7 released
Wolfenstein: youngblood -update 1. 0. 7 released 1

1.0.7 brings players several new abilities to work into their playstyle, so if you are that silent killer that loves a good knife in the back and slip back into the darkness, or you prefer to go crazy defeating Nazi bullets and laughing off explosions while ramming grenades down the throats of your enemies, no doubt update 1.0.7 has you covered with their new abilities.

A couple of new enemy types have also been added to keep you and Jess on your toes, take on the new teleporting Wurmlochsoldat, turret-mounted Turmhund, and the Electrodrohne Tesla drone while you search for the hidden artifacts in the newly revealed Da’at Yichud chamber.

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