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World War Z’s Second season starts with free Kill It With Fire Update

World War Z is kicking off season 2 with more free content for the chaotic zombie shooter, ‘Kill It With Fire’ is live right now and ready for you to do just that!

This massive free update comes with 2 brand new story campaigns to further add to New York’s and Moscow’s missions. New York’s ‘dead in the water’ will see players trying to make their way to Canada via tugboat and Moscow’s ‘Resurrection’ is set just a few days after chapter 3, with the nerve gas has been released and you are sick of hiding in your bunker!

Along with the 2 new chapters, Saber Interactive also released a new Prestige mode, more character and weapon skins and support for ultra-wide monitors.
Oh and I guess I should add why the update is called ‘Kill It With Fire well… a flamethrower has been added into the game to get those zeds extra crispy!

World War Z was released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2019

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