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Wreckfest concludes its first season

The first season of Wreckfest comes crashing to an end

Wreckfest has been smashing its way through its first Season lately and now it ends with a big bang and 3 unique vehicles! Introducing ‘The Banger Racing Car Pack’ which is available now on all platforms. Check out the Banger Bash Mode & Banger Racing Car Pack Trailer below.

Included in the pack racers will receive the; Sweeper: This midsize racer is a perfect blend of agility, speed and toughness – a great all-rounder for every type of race.
Hearse: This banger racing classic excels at derbies since it can both give and take serious punishment. Stock Car: A versatile little rocket that feels right at home on every oval and Figure 8 track!

All up in the first season now Wreckfest has crashed in 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and extra car customisation like armour, rims and more. The Banger Racing Car Pack is part of the season pass for any of you season pass holders.

For more on Wreckfest, check out our previous coverage.

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