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WWE 2K20 Releases the Wasteland Warriors DLC

WWE 2K20 has finally released their post-apocalyptic DLC the Wasteland Warriors as part of the WWE 2K20 Originals and includes a new Showcase, Story Towers, characters, arenas, character parts, weapons, voice overs, and commentary.

Featuring Seth the Wanderer (Seth Rollins) he finds himself invited to a tournament in a ruined city. As he battles his way through a series of difficult matches, Seth will find himself face-to-face with the enigmatic and powerful Overlord (aka Samoa Joe). If you want the full run down check out the official page here.

The Newest WWE Superstar Characters available are,

  • Seth the Wanderer
  • Overlord Samoa Joe
  • Corbin the Gatekeeper
  • Ali Fortune Fighter
  • Grand Champion Batista
  • Advocate Jack Gallagher
  • Warrior Ruby Riott
  • Raider Velveteen Dream

And the 2 new arenas are named,

  • Overlord’s Coliseum
  • The Scrapyard
2k20 wasteland warriors dlc
Wwe 2k20 releases the wasteland warriors dlc 1

The Wasteland Warriors DLC is available for $15, or you can grab the Backstage Pass for $30.

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